A sexy, curvy stripper takes over an otherwise homoerotic hazing of rugby boys

If you’re offered a BOOTY BUFFET you eat all you can!

In her essay, “Big Booty Beauty and the New Sexual Aesthetic,” Myra Mendible illustrates this point. “Buttocks have long been a source of cultural capital in the West, serving as emblems of sexual, racial, or ethnic difference,” writes Mendible, who teaches media and culture studies at Florida Gulf Coast University, where she also chairs the Literature and Languages Department.

white girl booty ain’t nothin to fuck with

If Booty Pyramids are soon to be as popular as twerking, let me be the first to say THANK YOU VERY MUCH & CONGRATULTIONS

Life is an asshole buffet ladies & gentlemen. Before you’re dead & gone I suggest you get your nose mouth and chin deeeeep into an oily wet booty, slurp on a juicy wet twat, and get some part of your anatomy inside there.

My favorite time of year, Back to School - when all the sexy college sororities begin hazing!

 I suddenly remembered that business class was loaded with nearly 30 people, and struggled hard to control the sounds so desperate to be released. Gavin’s tongue on my clit seemed never to tire or falter, continuing to lap, stir and suckle over my button, never keeping one motion for too long.

At last the man behind me took my hips in his powerful hands and emptied himself inside me, exploding in gushes of hot seed within my body. I gasped, the loudest sound I’d made so far, and felt another dizzying whirlwind of orgasm engulf me, languidly thrashing between them as I was inseminated by a man I didn’t even know.

I turned to look. The man who had just fucked me like a wild animal and flooded me with his jism was none other than the captain himself. Behind him was standing Deana, Jessica, and one of Gavin’s companions. They had gathered in the aisle behind the captain and had watched as I had been spread open like a whore and fucked in the galley, delirious in climaxes of my own. Gavin’s friend smiled to him approvingly with a subtle jump of his eyebrows, and turned to go back to his seat. Deana, Jessica and the captain were all smiling as well, but smiling as though I had won a competition.

She pulled his cock out of her mouth and said, 

"Your turn." I wanna watch you two now.

I just about died, I was shocked and turned on at the same time. I looked at Matt and asked him if that was ok.

"Go for it Jay." He said.

It was like every dirty porno I had jerked off watching was actually happening. I just thought, I have to try this.

I put my hand on it and jerked him a little then I put the head in my mouth. I remember it tasted a little like Lindsay’s lip gloss. (Which I kinda liked) His cock was big but I was surprised how easy it was to suck. It was smooth and very warm.

I was also surprised how hard I was getting while I was sucking him. It was so wrong and dirty, but so damn hot. I was loving it. I looked up at him and he was looking right at me, watching me take it in my mouth.

For awhile I was in the “zone” and could hardly tell you what Lindsay was doing. It was about he and I at that point.

Lindsay was watching from the edge of the bed, playing with her pussy. She moved kinda opposite me and straddled Matt’s leg and rubbed her pussy on it. I noticed her doing that and I really liked how erotic she looked.

I remember thinking am I really sucking his cock?

then I would hear her say, 

"Do you like Jay on your cock Matt?" 

I would come back to reality. After what seemed like a very long time of me sucking his cock, he began to breath heavier and thrust his hips more. 

I knew he was going to cum soon and I wasn’t sure if I was ready to taste another guys load, but I was curious and very turned on. 

After about 5 min Matt said 

"Damn dude your gonna make me cum." 

"Shit, I’m fucking cumming for you Jay."

Hearing those words from him almost made me cum as well.

He leaned back a little and I stroked him faster. I got a little of his cum in my mouth, but I let the rest shoot onto his stomach. I was surprised that it didn’t taste bad, and it made the event even naughtier. Part of me really wanted to lick it right off him, but I decided to hold back a little and make sure it was OK with him. Lindsay asked me if i tasted it. I said a little. she asked if it was good. I nodded and she rubbed her pussy even more. (she told me later it made her really hot) 

I decided, I’ve come this far, and I leaned over and licked a little off his stomach.

"You like that huh?" she asked me.

"I guess I do." I said